Hey, I'm ArteMio.

Full Stack / Python Developer

Over the past 7 years, I've built and scaled software and full-stack websites for leading companies. Specializing in production-ready APIs, I also have a strong focus on rigorous testing. Experienced in Kubernetes, I excel at deploying complex applications and container management. Let's connect!


Hey there! I'm ArteMio, and you've likely stumbled upon this page because you're intrigued by what I can bring to the tech table. Based in Ukraine, my expertise lies in Python and JavaScript, but I don't just stop at software. I also have a solid background in hardware programming, from microcontrollers to other embedded systems.

I've honed my skills in Kubernetes, making me proficient in deploying complex applications and mastering the finer points of container orchestration. When the keyboard quiets down, you'll find me brainstorming entrepreneurial ventures and diving into complex problem-solving. My radar is always tuned to the next big opportunity. 💡

Open to roles that let me unleash my full-stack and hardware programming skills, alongside my knack for business innovation. If that sounds like a match, let's connect! 🔗

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An image of the Text to Waveform project.

Text to Waveform

JavaScript - Node.js - Canvas API - Express

A fascinating project that turns text into visual waveforms. Developed as a web application, this tool allows users to visualize the 'sound' of their words. Learn more >

An image of the VSTDeals project.


Python - Web Scraping - Telegram API - Reddit API

The go-to platform for music producers seeking the best deals on audio equipment and software. Features a subreddit and Telegram channel for real-time updates. Learn more >

An image of the DaddyAPI project.


Python - FastAPI - Web Scraping - Rotating Proxies

A cutting-edge technology company specializing in the creation of reliable and efficient APIs. Offering a suite of APIs for various use-cases including text to waveform generation, web scraping, and more. Learn more >

An image of the VyriЙ project.


HTML - CSS - JavaScript - Booking API

A unique retreat near Lviv, blending the comfort of modern living with the beauty of nature. Offers the perfect setting for relaxation, focused work, and adventurous activities. Learn more >


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